12 Benefits That Make Activated Charcoal A Must Have!

12 Benefits That Make Activated Charcoal A Must Have!

Charcoal is made from coal and wood. It becomes “activated charcoal” when its surface area is expanded through combining high temperatures with gas or an activating agent, and oxygen is removed from it, changing its chemical structure. This is when it has a wider variety of uses and functions than just being a mixture of coal and wood.

Activated charcoal has become widely popular today because of its many uses and benefits. One of its more popularly known benefits is its ability to whiten teeth. This has been the main reason why people buy it, because of its impressive results. However, here is a longer list of all its uses and benefits so that you are aware of all its wide variety of its known benefits.

  1. Teeth whitening and oral health

Activated charcoal has become widely used for its ability to clean and whiten teeth. It has impressive results scoring high ratings from people that have bought and used it and are happy with the way it naturally cleans and whitens your teeth without as many side effects attached to it as other not so natural products may bring.

It is a cost effective alternative to the regular doctor appointment for teeth whitening and cleaning, and is a quick way to get that healthy nice glow with teeth as white as those of the celebrities you so admire.

We have made it very affordable here, so that you too can harness its teeth whitening benefits on a budget and get your teeth whitened in no time, to give you that confidence boost you have always wanted!

Give it a try and harness its teeth whitening benefits here.

2. Skin care

Activated charcoal can help to bring micro particles  such as dirt, dust, chemicals, toxins and bacteria to the surface of the skin, making it easier to remove them and maintain healthy skin. This makes an advantageous detox product.

It also has anti-aging properties and can be used as such.

3. Anti-toxin

The powder form of activated charcoal, when mixed with liquid, can be used as a drink to treat poisoning and other harmful toxins. It is not used however, to treat poisoning from things such as alcohol, strong acids or bases, lithium, cyanide as well as other things.

4. Kidney health

Because it absorbs harmful substances in the body, activated charcoal is used for kidney health. It especially removes harmful traits found in urine.

5. Prevents Gas

When in tablet or capsule form, activated charcoal can be used to treat gas in the stomach. And can be very effective for relief from gaseous discomfort.

6. Deodorant

There are many deodorants made from activated charcoal and widely used for its ability to absorb smells and harmful gases making it the best ingredient for use as an underarm, shoe or refrigerator deodorant.

7. Excess moisture and humidity control

At a micro scale activated charcoal can be used to absorb excess moisture and control humidity levels.

8. Skin infection

Activated charcoal has an antibacterial effect that absorbs harmful microbes from wounds. It more commonly used by traditional medical practitioners to treat many skin infections.

9. Water filtration

Activated charcoal can be used as a natural water filter. It absorbs a range of bacteria, viruses, drugs, toxins and other chemicals found in water.

10. Reduces high cholesterol

You will need to consult your doctor on how to use it for this reason, but activated charcoal is also known for its ability to reduce the cholesterol levels in your body, being a natural and healthy solution for those with high levels of cholesterol.

11. Prevents hangover

Activated charcoal is said to be one of the remedies of a hangover remedy by its prevention. While it cannot be used to treat alcohol poisoning it can be used to prevent a hangover after excessive consumption of alcohol.

12. Treats affected flow of bile in pregnancy

While more studies and research is needed about its safety and effectiveness, activated charcoal has been said to treat cholestasis of pregnancy.

While this is an interesting list of its benefits, and while there hasn’t been any adverse side effects noted of its use,  it is recommended to first consult a health professional before using this activated charcoal product, for consumption rather than as a teeth whitener, as may interfere with other medications you may be taking.

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